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One-man band Bulat Gafarov



One-man band performance of Bulat Gafarov

Multi-instrumental / One-man band show

Unique musical performance by multiinstrumentalist BULAT Gafarov



Flutist-Drummer One-man band performance by Bulat Gafarov Multiinstrumental World Music | Oriental singing and percussion Multiinstrumentalist Bulat Gafarov One-man band Bulat | Kalimba-flute Multimedia show by Bulat | Didgeridoo & udu Man-orchestra Bulat Gafarov Violinist-singer Shaman show | Overtone singing | Shaman drum


Famous russian multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov plays simultaneously several musical instruments, sings oriental and throat singing, Beatbox! In his unique show Bulat uses up to 30 musical instruments from around the world, singing and FX! Everything is played live without any phonograms!

Styles: World Music, Fusion, Ethnic music, Folk, Pop, Drum n Bass, Break beat, Trance & Root music

"One-man band show by Bulat Gafarov recognized as the best multi-instrumental solo performance in Russia"


One-man band show by Bulat Gafarov | "Kalimba-malimba":

Multiinstrumental performance by Bulat Gafarov feat loop station Roland:



One man band solo performance by Bulat Gafarov in Canada | "Fog":

Live performance by multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov | "Fire"





Lounge music with Hapi drum | Dream drum | Tank drum:

Live ethnic electronica | Ethno drum'n'bass | "NB":


Japanese & Chinese music with koto / guzheng + shakuhati + dub beat:

Musical performance "Shaman" (shaman drum + throat singing + dance):



More videos on YouTube:





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